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Sister Rings for Irene & Jing

Hsiang-Ting YenComment

I met Irene last Summer via my college friend in San Francisco, we hit it off right away, she's a really outgoing, fun-loving, hospitable and energetic girl, and sooner after she becomes one of my VIP customer after she came to visit my booth at ACC San Francisco last year. 

She invited me to stay with her during my visit in SF this year, not only we had a amazing time together, she also brought her friends to visit my booth this year again.  And of course she added couple more pieces of jewelry in her HTY Jewelry collection this year with me.... : P

These two custom orders are part of her new collections, her best friend Jing is moving to New Jersey next month, so they decided to give each other a piece of jewelry to cherish their everlasting friendship.  I was honored to be the jeweler to build the rings for them. 

One main reason that keeps me going for doing craft shows is that I get to visit my old friends, and I  have chance to meet new friends in this crazy journey.  Most of time I'm doing shows by myself, but I never feel alone because I know my friends get my back no matter where I am.

The rings are made in Sterling silver, 14K gold, and rainbow moonstone.