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A Custom Gift Set Request from a Surrogate Mother

Hsiang-Ting YenComment

     We went to Nate's family birthday party in Gastonia last Sunday, it was a beautiful day with great companies, while I was chatting with Londy (my cousin-in-law) about her surrogacy experience, she asked me if I can design this jewelry set for baby's biological parents.  I was thrilled and honored to be able to play a part for her amazing surrogacy journey.  


     Her initial concept is to use the baby's EKG pattern from her most recent  13 weeks ultrasound exam to make into a piece of pendant for the biological mother and an accessary for the biological father.  I think her idea is really sweet and personal, the pendant is a great choice for her; as to the father, I suggested to make a tie pin for him, it's totally wearable, and when the father wears the pin, it's close to his heart as if he can feel baby's heart beat right next to him.  


     The communication was smooth and pleasant, we soon decided the final design for both pieces.  The pendant is pierced and fabricated from a 18ga sterling silver sheet with brushed finish, and the tie pin is pierced and formed from a 20ga sterling silver sheet also with brushed finish.  


   This is going to be a Father's Day gift for the couple, so they will have something tangible to hold onto while they are expecting baby's due day in the December.  I truly admire Londy's generosity and courage of being a surrogate mother, and her thoughtfulness of this sweet gift idea for the couple.  I wish the very best for her surrogacy and I hope the soon-to-be-parents couple will enjoy the jewelry set!