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New Jewelry Alert | Objet D’Art: En Provence

HTY Jewelry Collection, Monthly Blog PostHsiang-Ting YenComment

Can’t believe it’s been almost two months since my return, every day I still think about all the beautiful memories in Provence, I gave myself a self diagnosis of  “Post-Provence Syndrome”, and the best cure (besides just buy a one way ticket and hop on the plane) is to recreate some of my favorite Provence inspired collection - “Objet D’Art: En Provence.

Objet D’Art: En Provenceis a series work of jewelry that’s inspired by my unique personal journey, the natural landscapes, decorative Rococo motifs of Lacoste, and the surrounding region of Provence. I intend to utilize the processes that have become a fixture of HTY Jewelry, combining traditional metalsmithing techniques, enameling, electro-forming, and 24k gold electroplating with 14k yellow gold, sterling silver, copper base, and semi-precious gemstones.

One thing I love the most about Provence is the enchanting colors I saw everyday, it’s from the sky, the wild flowers, the river, the landscape, the ruins, the architecture, and the light, the magical lights that attracted all the greatest artists to come here as religious pilgrims.

People say they can see the Provence influence in my work which I didn’t even realize, I was amazed how human subconsciousness works in such a mysterious way. I also took a break from the geometric shapes to more organic flow. I also play with the wearability of the earrings collection, all the earrings are jacket style earrings, so the wearer can not only wear the studs part for a more modern and chic look, but to wear the whole part for a more bold and statement look. They are also great for mix-n-match, put them on with some of your favorite diamond or pearl studs to create a new conversation.  

I hope you enjoy my new collection just as much as I do, and please let me know if you want this collection that’s custom made or customized just for you for this holiday seasons (or just because)!

Till next time,