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New Jewelry Alert | Objet D’Art: En Provence

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Can’t believe it’s been almost two months since my return, every day I still think about all the beautiful memories in Provence, I gave myself a self diagnosis of  “Post-Provence Syndrome”, and the best cure (besides just buy a one way ticket and hop on the plane) is to recreate some of my favorite Provence inspired collection - “Objet D’Art: En Provence.

Objet D’Art: En Provenceis a series work of jewelry that’s inspired by my unique personal journey, the natural landscapes, decorative Rococo motifs of Lacoste, and the surrounding region of Provence. I intend to utilize the processes that have become a fixture of HTY Jewelry, combining traditional metalsmithing techniques, enameling, electro-forming, and 24k gold electroplating with 14k yellow gold, sterling silver, copper base, and semi-precious gemstones.

One thing I love the most about Provence is the enchanting colors I saw everyday, it’s from the sky, the wild flowers, the river, the landscape, the ruins, the architecture, and the light, the magical lights that attracted all the greatest artists to come here as religious pilgrims.

People say they can see the Provence influence in my work which I didn’t even realize, I was amazed how human subconsciousness works in such a mysterious way. I also took a break from the geometric shapes to more organic flow. I also play with the wearability of the earrings collection, all the earrings are jacket style earrings, so the wearer can not only wear the studs part for a more modern and chic look, but to wear the whole part for a more bold and statement look. They are also great for mix-n-match, put them on with some of your favorite diamond or pearl studs to create a new conversation.  

I hope you enjoy my new collection just as much as I do, and please let me know if you want this collection that’s custom made or customized just for you for this holiday seasons (or just because)!

Till next time,


Home Coming, Bye-bye Lacoste!

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I know my blog has been collecting dust since I left for my SCAD Alumni Atelier Fellowship in southern France 10 weeks ago, as for today I’m finally updating my monthly blog, and I realized I only have less than 2 days to the end of program! Where did all that time go!??

The Alumni Atelier program has been one of the most life changing experiences that I’ve ever had. I was given the opportunity to explore creating a brand new collection during my 10 weeks long residency in SCAD Lacoste, I have received so many positive feedbacks about my new collection through the compliments and sales from the patrons, and I can’t wait to share them with you after my return. I’ll have a big reveal coming up in September! Here are some sneak peaks for you!

It was challenging at the beginning because I had to step out of my comfort zone from learning how to use European tools, finding new work and life balance, getting used to the new environment, and new culture. Fortunately, I was able to adapt this new life in a short period of time and thrive which reflects to my new collection. The willingness to try and embrace is the key to success.

Besides all the hard and hot (did I mention we have no a/c because our ateliers are in a medieval village?) working days in the atelier, I’m a true believer of the motto “ Work hard, play harder”.  During my day offs on every Wednesday and Sunday, I didn’t just sit around in the house; instead, I always seized the opportunity to travel around the surrounded villages and cities.  Lacoste was a perfect basecamp for day trips, I can reach to most of the must-see attractions within 1.5 hr of driving radius from mountains to the sea. From the Sunday market in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, kayaking in the Durance river, swimming in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea in Cassis, visited the world class sound and light exhibition of Van Gogh collection in Carrieres de Lumieres, watched a French musical in Chateau de Lacoste and saw the world famous fashion designer Pierre Cardin in person, weekend getaway to the second largest French city Marseille, and more! (That’s why I’ve never had time to update my blog lol)

So…What’s the next after my home coming?

 I’ve been considering changing my business model by transitioning from working from home studio to a half studio and retail space near downtown Raleigh.  I didn’t realize how much I missed the interaction with people, and I was able to have the taste of running a retail/studio space via this program without risking my capital. I do enjoy this new way of conducting my business, especially I really want to grow my custom jewelry design business, having a retail space will allow me to have better public exposure and to attract more clients organically. This is going to be my next goal after the program...stay tuned and back to packing!

Till then,


Atelier in Lacoste, France

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2019 has been a pretty wild ride full of surprises! Just as the blog title suggests, I’m going to France from June to August. I was selected as a jewelry artist-in-residence program awarded by my alma mater, SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) at their campus Lacoste in gorgeous southern France! The program is fully sponsored by the school; I will teach workshops and have access to a storefront / studio to create my new collection as alumni ambassador.

When I was still a graduate student in SCAD, every summer our jewelry department took a small group of students to SCAD Lacoste a for a 10-week summer program  and I always heard so many wonderful things about Lacoste and experiences from friends and faculty members when they returned. Unfortunately, I couldn’t participate in it because they didn’t have graduate programs at the Lacoste campus.

A few years ago, I learned about SCAD’s Alumni Atelier from the alumni program. Here is the Atelier program’ core mission: “It’s an artist ambassadorship conceived and endowed by SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace, enriches the creative and professional endeavors of distinguished SCAD graduates. Alumni advance their careers, strengthen their connection with their alma mater and join a select group of ambassadors within the university's global network of emerging and established artists and scholars.”

I didn’t have the courage to apply before because the thought of leaving my business on pause for three months terrified me, mostly a financial concern. But the idea was a tiny seed that had been slowly growing in my head ever since. Back in January, I received a welcoming application invitation message from the program coordinator. With 100% support from my husband Nate, the encouragement of my good friend and a 2018 Alumni Atelier grantee Kristen Baird  I decided to give a shot. After weeks of preparation and coordinating… months later I got accepted along with four other talented SCAD alumni!!!

It’s only less than a month away till my departure. I’m busier than ever in my studio creating enough inventory in Raleigh for my hubby to manage and ship. Here are a couple of  notes for my future and current clients (P.S. Don’t you worry! Even though I’ll be away from my Raleigh studio for the summer, you can still reach me via email, Skype, or Facetime if you have any questions!)

For my existing custom clients:

1.Delivery: The deadline to schedule for delivery is May 31 with full payment of the remaining balance.

2. In Progress: In order to complete the piece before my departure, a 50% down payment and final approval are required by May 8.  Delivery and the remaining balance can be scheduled after August 30.  If you need the delivery between June - August, I can arrange an appointment with my husband for in-person delivery or insured UPS 2nd-day air express shipping.

For my potential or new custom clients:

I’m still accepting new clients while I’m in France with limited services provided including consulting, design, and CAD model creating between June - August, and I will continue the rest of fabrication process (casting, stone setting, and finishing) after August 30.

On-line orders:

I’ll be available to answer your questions via email, and my hubby, Nate, will be in charge of online order shipping between June - August.

I’m beyond excited to embark on this journey. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the beautiful Provence of France and its rich culture and to be inspired and create a brand new collection. I will be posting regularly, so stay tuned!

Back to my studio, signing off


Colombia, Magical Realism

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I’m taking a break from talking about jewelry this month but to tell you about  my trip to Colombia! You might not know this, but the inspiration that I got from traveling have played a huge role in my jewelry making resource book. In order to do something special and unforgettable for my hubby, Nate’s 40th birthday last month, we decided to take a nine-day trip to Colombia. We spent four  days in the country’s capital, Bogota, and three days strenuously hiking a trail in Los Nevados National Park. It is located outside of Salento, one of the most famous coffee origins in Colombia.

So, why did we choose Colombia? This might sound tacky, but we were actually inspired by watching the Netflix hit show “Narcos.” But it wasn’t the notorious drug cartels or the cocaine industry were attracted to! It was the rich and enchanting culture and gorgeous natural beauty that we saw on the TV show. We were a bit concerned about the safety of traveling in Colombia at the beginning, but after reading travel blogs we were confident to book the trip without hesitation. Our trip proved that we made the right decision! The country has tried so hard to change its reputation to the world, and honestly, we felt a lot more safe in Bogota and Salenta than in a lot of major cities in the U.S.  And during our entire stay the people are so welcoming and friendly.

We stayed at the historic area of “La Candelaria” in the heart of downtown Bogota. It’s in walking distance to all the major attractions such as Museo del Oro, or the Gold Museum, Plaza del Bolivar, Fernando Botero Museum, and Monserrate, a mountain 10,341 ft above the sea level.  Our Airbnb was located on the very top of the hill in La Candelaria- it sure was a hike especially the city itself is 8000 ft above sea level. There were six fully-armed military soldiers guarding both corner of the street all day and night- it was a bit of cultural shock at the beginning but we agreed that it made our Airbnb to be one of the safest places in all of Bogota. Pretty soon we got used to seeing armed military soldiers and police officers with a K-9 unit everywhere we went. The city of Bogota is very pedestrian-friendly, most of the streets have pavement for pedestrians and some of them even go through city parks so you can avoid the car exhaust and enjoy the walk, we were able to walk to most of the attractions without any navigational issues.  

Part 2 of our trip involved a three days and two nights trekking in the Los Nevados National Park just outside of Salento. The original plan was to celebrate Nate’s 40th birthday on the top of Paramillo del Quindío Summit (15,583ft.) on the second day of the trek. Unfortunately, Nate had to return to base camp due to altitude sickness and stomach flu on day one, but he insisted that I should continue the trek for both of us. We said goodbye after lunch and he went back to Salento with another guide. I feel sad that he couldn’t make it through the whole trip, but I’m glad I was able to finish the trek. It was definitely the most difficult hike I’ve ever done. The elevation gain was intense: from 7,800ft to 12,500ft on day one;  12,500ft to 15,000ft on day two, and on the return to Salento we hiked from 12,500ft to 7,800ft. Not only we had to carry a full-size backpack but the extremely high altitude also slowed us down during the incline. Most of the trails were destroyed by mules over the years so it was very muddy and we spent so much time and energy focusing on the trail so we wouldn’t slip. We were exhausted from pulling our feet out of the mud during every step.

We were so late on the first day due to the weather and had to hike downhill in the pitch dark muddy trail for two hours. I also almost got run over by an angry cow that we encountered in the middle of the trail. By the time we made it to the base camp every one of my muscles were cramping- I even experienced tricep and waist cramping the first time! I couldn’t even take my shoes off because my leg cramps were so bad that I couldn’t bend over. I will never forget the taste of “Agua panela - sugarcane water,” when one of the guides handed it to me when we arrived to the base on the return. I got hooked on this magical popular Colombian drink right away because it immediately comforted my borderline hypothermia body and exhausted spirit.    

Day 2 was way much more enjoyable with better weather and breathtaking view, the Paramo ecosystem has the most bizarre landscapes and plants, we were surrounded in a wonderland that’s something you will only see in movies like “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings”. Although we couldn’t make it to the Paramillo del Quindío Summit, 15.583ft, we decided to return at the ridge of 15000ft due to bad weather conditions. We had to cross this spongy marshland where we had to be careful with every step to avoid  getting stuck in the soft landing. We literally were jumping like Super Mario except that if we missed we wouldn’t have a second chance if we fell in. We enjoyed the beautiful sunset on the way back and made it back to the base camp’s farm just in-time before dark.

Last day was mostly downhill, we stopped by two farms with gorgeous gorge views for breaks and snacks on the way down to Salento. It’s hard to imagine the self-sufficient lifestyle of these farmers as they live the most humble way you can imagine. Their lives are heavily dependent on their mules that carry daily supplies to commute. There are no powerline or water lines connected to their farms so they have to rely on solar power and generators for energy. For water they all have above ground water tower to collect rainwater for their daily water usage. Our guide, Manolo, an Italian expat, outdid himself during this trek by presenting us with an authentic Italian-style lunch picnic which included olives, sun-dried tomatoes, salami, fresh bread, fresh cheese, and A BOTTLE OF WINE!!! We couldn’t believe he carried all this weight over the past three days. His backpack weighed roughly 50lb and he was about 5’ 6”. To show our appreciation, we ate all the food and wine so he can carry less weight on the way back. Getting a bit tipsy definitely helped with going downhill, I felt my legs were a bit lighter, and the pace was a bit faster than usual, and my knees hurt a bit less. We ended our trip by celebrating at a local restaurant, Macaw, located in downtown Salento. Nate joined us and we celebrated his birthday together to makeup for his sad birthday that he spent in the hostel as he was too sick to do anything else.

To wrap up our trip to Colombia we spent our last night in a hip Bogota neighborhood at a tapas restaurant with a live Flamenco dance performance.  I can’t think of a better way to wrap up our trip. Colombia has so much to offer, we will definitely come back one day to explore more of this beautiful country!

Role Play

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One thing I love about designing custom jewelry is the challenge each client brings to me with all kinds of personal stories. Sometimes this means I have to play many different roles rather than just the jeweler.  I’m truly amazed and grateful to all my clients for helping me realize my undiscovered potential through their interesting jobs.

For this particular project, I was not only a jeweler but also an archaeologist and detective. A few months prior my client lost an heirloom carnelian ring and I was asked to recreate it with very limited information to begin with. All I had was an enhanced and enlarged image that only showed half of the ring. The rest was based on my clients’ memory, which can be tricky since memory can be subjective and abstract sometimes. And that is really the most challenging part of this task, I have to think like my client.

The only clue I had for this ring project.

The only clue I had for this ring project.

This project reminds me of a recent discovery of a tail of a feathered dinosaur found perfectly preserved in amber from Myanmar.  This is the first time scientists have found dinosaur material preserved in amber. Based on the fossil tail in the amber, with the help of paleontologists and the imagination of illustrators, they recreated a sketch of this feathered dinosaur that was about the size of a sparrow and lived 99 million years ago.

Now, back to my story, with the clue I had in hand that I rebuilt the ring from the scratch including sourcing the perfect color carnelian, custom cutting the carnelians, and, of course, creating the ring itself.  Fortunately, my clients were very understanding and patient, they guided me through every little step of the whole process  to help me to create the ring as close to the original. They were so pleased with my services, that they decided to add one pair of custom earrings and a pendant with the same design aesthetics to make a set.

The day before the delivery, I woke up from an anxiety dream. I was quite nervous, worrying about all the things that could go wrong when they receive the jewelry. What if she just absolutely hates it? What if this is nothing close to her original ring? What if the color of the stone doesn’t look right to her in person? What if? What if?? What if !???  My worries immediately dissolved as soon as I saw my client’s big smile. And this is always the most rewarding part of my job: seeing my client’s happy, glowing face. It just means everything to me. Did I mention I slept like a baby that night? LOL.

Does this story resonate with you? Let me help you to cherish your memories by restoring or redesigning an heirloom piece today!



Happy 2019!

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Happy 2019! I hope y’all had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family! Thanks to your support 2018 has been a great year. I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring me. There are lots of exciting things already brewing in my Raleigh studio since January 1st and I can’t wait to tell you more about them in the next couple of months!

To kick off 2019, I want to share my last two custom jewelry projects from 2018.

#1. Custom Montana Sapphire Wedding Set

This whole set is definitely one of my top 5 favorites of 2018. I met this lovely couple back in July at a bridal show and they are both in the gaming industry. She is a game programer and he is a game designer. They were looking for a jewelry designer who could create a custom wedding set to meet their special requirements. Their concept was very clear: she wanted a lot of colors and sparkles with moon motifs embedded in the two-toned metal design; he wanted his ring to have a sense of medieval castle/stone wall texture in the design yet still match her rings. Most importantly, they wanted to engrave “PLAYER 1” and “PLAYER 2” inside of their rings because of their love for video games. How cute is that?! So, I took on this challenge and this is what I created for them:

Her engagement ring features 14kt white gold, Montana Sapphire, rainbow moonstone, and accent diamonds. Her wedding ring features 14kt rose gold, rainbow moonstone, and diamonds.  Can you see the little half moons in both rings?

His ring features 14kt white gold with black rhodium on the faceted texture, and set with a square Montana sapphire.

And, of course they loved it! I can’t wait to see their epic wedding pictures in May! Congrats to L & M!

#2. Custom Heart-Shaped Ruby Pendant

This one was also quite a challenge. My client asked me to repurpose the heart-shaped ruby and diamonds stones from his wife’s old, broken engagement ring into an elegant pendant for their 30th wedding anniversary. I was able to give this project a complete makeover by turning those stones into an Art Deco-inspired rose gold pendant. The combination of 14kt rose gold, ruby, and sparkly accent diamonds is simply perfect! A couple of days after the pendant was delivered, he told me she absolutely loved it! To me that’s really the biggest compliment: to know my jewelry is making her so happy every time she wears it.  

Do you have a piece of outdated or broken  jewelry sitting in your jewelry box that has sentimental value and just not wearable anymore? Why not contact me today? We can start with a 45 minute complimentary consultation via phone or in-person. I can help you to turn this jewelry into something you can cherish everyday! It can be one of your 2019 resolutions (and the easiest one too since I’ll be doing the job for you :P)  

Cheers to a bright and exciting 2019!



Peace and love for all of you, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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To all my esteemed customers, it is you who make every day special for me, I thank you wholeheartedly for your kind preference, and therefore I’ll always want the best for you. I hope next year you will continue being my customers, I promise to try harder to provide a better service with quality you deserve, enjoy these holidays with your family and friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

See you in 2019 or my last show of the year - Pop-Up Raleigh Holiday Market at Trophy Brewery on Maywood Ave on Dec 15 from noon - 5pm. 



Holiday greetings… and announcements!

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While most people are thinking about their Thanksgiving’s Day menu, here in my Raleigh-based studio, I am busier than ever. This is the time of the year when  I prepare for all the coming up holiday shows and online orders. Honestly, I can’t remember the last weekend I had off. : P

I’m so excited to wrap up 2018 with a couple of my favorite shows of the year! Here are the reasons why:

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 4.46.04 PM.png

54th Annual Craft + Design (Nov 16 - 18, Richmond, VA)

Want to experience a high-end handmade craft shopping experience? The 54th Annual Craft + Design show in Richmond is the perfect destination! Craft + Design is a museum-quality show that has garnered a reputation for showcasing the finest in contemporary craft. Shoppers spend the weekend browsing the work of over 150 artists from across the country. Awards are presented in ceramics, precious metals, glass, wood and recycled materials, contemporary design, innovative use of traditional craft materials and fiber.  

The event will take place November 16-18, 2018 at Main Street Station’s newly renovated train shed.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 10.40.47 AM.png

The Big Crafty (Dec 1-2, Asheville, NC)

If you are planning on a winter weekend getaway to Asheville on December 1st and 2nd, don’t forget to put The Big Crafty on your must-visit list! Voted Western NC’s favorite art event for nearly a decade, The Big Crafty celebrates the beauty of a human-scale economy and community-building, soul-enriching creative work. It features the work of 150 carefully-selected artists, makers and crafters who embody the dynamism of the independent creative community.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 10.43.31 AM.png

Pop-Up Raleigh Holiday Market (Dec 15, Raleigh, NC)

A super hip pop-up craft market hosted  by my favorite brewery, Trophy on Maywood, and near home? I can’t find a reason to say no to this awesome combination! This year, more than ever, it is important to shop locally for your holiday gifts. Our state’s economy has been hit hard by hurricanes and tropical storms, especially on the coast . I am grateful that Raleigh was not affected to that degree this year. Spending your money locally – whether it’s a coffee shop, hardware store, or a local artist, it all helps to keep your money in our community and in our state.

I can’t thank all of you enough! Without your support, I would not  be able to continue my passion of handmade art jewelry with you. I hope you always receive the best compliments from people when they notice how awesome you and your HTY Jewelry are. : )

Wishing you peace, love, and laughter this Holiday Season!



Rustic Wedding, Custom Jewelry

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Who doesn’t love a beautiful fall wedding in the mountains? As fearless millennials, last month my hubby and I went to a family friend’s wedding in Black Mountain, North Carolina, despite the fast-approaching Hurricane Florence. The wedding was held at a charming family farm. The reception was in a rustic barn located near Lake Eden, surrounded by the gorgeous North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. With the cooperation of the weather, we had a wonderful time with our friends and the other guests. It was a truly authentic North Carolinian-styled wedding with cheerful bluegrass music and delicious, mouthwatering BBQ.  

The best part is, I was so honored to custom-design this lovely couple’s engagement ring, matching wedding bands, and even a bridal pendant. It’s not very often that I get to go to my clients’ weddings, you know? But on this night I saw my designs come to life as the bride and groom as they enjoyed their first day as husband and wife.

The Engagement Ring:

Originally, the bride wanted to use the center diamond from her grandmother’s engagement ring for her engagement ring, but the diamond was severely damaged. I did not recommend repurposing it for the ring. Therefore, I helped her select a one-of-a-kind teal blue (her favorite color) Montana sapphire as the center stone. The neat part about this sapphire is that it changes color from blue to teal to green depending on the movement and lighting. Since the bride is a natural lover, the design is inspired by nature with leaves and flower petals motifs.

The Matching Wedding Bands:

The couple loves nature and the outdoors and the groom is a carpenter. So, they wanted wood grain textures on their wedding bands.  It was a lot of fun figuring out how to scale down and create a realistic wood grain texture on a ring. I ended up spending so much time staring at my hardwood floor when I was carving the ring just so I can get inspired! Then, I repurposed the bride’s heirloom accent diamonds for her band and heirloom sapphire for his band.

The Bridal Pendant:

Since it’s a no-no to repurpose the damaged center diamond for her engagement ring, I suggested that we use it for a pendant instead. Pendants experience  minimum wear and tear for daily wear. Thanks to the groom ‘s background in industrial design, he suggested that we combine the damaged diamond from her grandmother’s ring and the remaining three sapphires from her grandfather’s ring and turn them into a very modern and chic pendant. It’s great for everyday wear and it fits her lifestyle perfectly.

And voila! It’s like solving a puzzle, everything just fell into right place once we started the process. It’s all about deconstruction and reconstruction. Thankfully, everyone is happy with the results!

Many congrats to B & C!!!

P.S. We made it home safely right before the storm hit Black Mountain (almost got hit by a falling tree limb in Black Mountain, but we dodged it right in time), and our home in Raleigh was spared from any storm damage!  

Till next time,



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Drum roll pleaseeee!!! As I promised in last month’s newsletter, after a full month of experimentation and dedication in my studio, I excited to show you my Fall 2018 collection!

If you are a true HTY Jewelry lover, you will definitely notice the new Reveal series has a twist from the original Reveal collection. It has the intuitive mix-n-match patterns from the Reveal triangle elements but, I combined semi-precious gemstones and new colors. It’s more spontaneous yet still has the sense of balance.

While I’m still working on the limited edition and production collection, below are a couple of my favorite show stoppers:

If you absolutely love the new concept, but you prefer to have different enamel colors or gemstones, remember, you can always contact me to talk about customizing the Reveal collection just for you. I’m at your service to make Reveal truly yours.

Let’s get the process started… go here and fill out my intake form.

I can’t believe there are only 4 months left in 2018. How did that happened? The Fall season’s approach means that I’m rolling into my busiest time of the year: the holiday craft show circuits. If you want to check out the new pieces in person or just want to say hi (it’s always nice to see a familiar friendly face at a long day show :P), just check out my schedule for September to December. And mark your calendars!

So…what do you think? I hope you enjoy the new collection, let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions. I alway appreciate it!

Till next time,


Makers Gonna Make

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Alert: This month’s blog is a bit heavier than my usual content, but I want to be true to myself and my jewelry lovers.

I feel like I have hit writer’s block (or jeweler’s anvil?) for a while now. With everything that is going on in day-to-day life, it is so easy to get distracted to other things that require my attention and energy. It almost feels like an easy way out to avoid the fact that my creative mind is stuck. When I feel frustrated in the studio I put the mission of creating a new design to the bottom of my to-do list instead of making it a priority.  It’s been an ongoing pattern for a month now; the struggle is depressing and the fear of not being able to create my next best collection haunts me every night when I go to sleep.

Just about a week ago, I finally got the courage to face my demons: I’m a maker. And makers gotta make. It’s engraved in my DNA. I dedicated a whole afternoon to allow myself to play in the studio without any distractions. A lot of sketches and a lot of paper models were involved, when suddenly it all clicked in the middle of nowhere. Just like that, I’m creating new work again. And it’s a direction I’m very passionate about! I can’t believe how much I’ve missed the excitement of going in to studio full of ideas and motivation! I feel like I have come back to life, again!  

My new collection is a twist from the original Reveal collection. It has the intuitive mix-n-match patterns from the Reveal triangle elements but I combined semi-precious gemstones and new colors. It’s more spontaneous yet still has the sense of balance. Here are some photos of my work in progress. Stay tuned until next month when I will reveal the full collection!

Till next time,


Go West... West Virginia!

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How’s your summer been so far? July is my favorite month of the year because, not only it is my birthday month, but it’s also the perfect month for all kinds of outdoor adventures. Best of all? I got to combine those two this year! My hubby and I just returned from my birthday celebration at the New River Gorge National River in West Virginia with a bunch of our close friends this past weekend.

It was an adventurous yet relaxing trip that involved hiking the beautiful New River Gorge trails; whitewater rafting on the Lower New River Gorge (I got thrown out of the raft after the second class 4 rapids- this was the LOL moment of the trip); and exploring Thurmond, a “ghost town” with only five residents. (Did you know that Thurmond was one of the richest coal mine towns back in early 1900?)  At night, after having dinner at the delicious local restaurants in the heart of downtown Fayetteville we spent the rest of the evening by the fire pit sharing laughter and good times. And, did I mention the weather was in the high 70’s during the day and mid-50s at night? How perfect is that? Especially since it was just almost 100 degrees in Raleigh last week! I couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate my birthday weekend.

Happy summer and till next time,


The Royal Fever

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Did you wake up way earlier than usual on May 19 for the wedding of the year - the royal wedding? I was at a black tie wedding myself so I couldn’t get up at 5am to watch live on TV with the rest of 29.2 million American viewers.  I missed the live ceremony, but trust me, I had my share of royal wedding highlights over the weekend : P

As a jeweler, I can’t help myself, the thing I care about the most is not her dress or the glamorous guest list, but Meghan Markle’s engagement ring! So, here is a little backstory on her engagement ring.  As a touching tribute to Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, the two smaller diamonds are from her personal collection. And that’s not the only way Prince Harry is keeping his mother’s memory alive: the large stone in the center has a hidden meaning, too. The diamond is originally from Botswana, which Harry often refers to as his “second home.” The couple recently vacationed in the African country for Meghan’s birthday.  This heartwarming story just totally melted my heart, no wonder Prince Harry is one of the most popular royal and lucky Meghan!

Do you like the idea how Prince Harry honors his mother by repurposing her jewelry for Meghan Markle’s engagement ring? Just in case  you wondering, I provide custom jewelry service to help my clients honor the memories of their passed loved ones by giving their heirloom jewelry a new life such. A redesign or restoration allows my clients to  wear the jewelry and cherish the legacy in their everyday life.

For example, the beautiful yellow topaz center stone of this ring is from my client’s great-grandmother’s necklace circi the 1920’s. She couldn’t wear the necklace before because the necklace mounting is not balanced. I removed one of the yellow topaz gems that is still in good condition, and created this Art Nouveau-inspired gingko leaf cocktail ring for her.  It features 18k rose gold, yellow topaz, pink sapphire, and pearls.

Here is another example, for this wedding set, I repurposed the small marquise diamonds from my client’s great-grand aunt’s engagement ring as accent stones for the new wedding set, and I reset the heirloom center diamond to a pendant so she can wear it on her wedding day. (I couldn’t repurpose the diamond for her engagement ring  because it was seriously damaged when she received it from her grandmother.)

I can help you whether you are local or located outside of North Carolina! And, you can learn more about the custom process here: Learn more about custom jewelry service

Indy Week is Calling | One-Day Only

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#1. Indy Week Best of the Triangle 2018….Guess what? HTY Jewelry is a finalist!

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.19.43 AM.png

HTY Jewelry is a Best of the Triangle 2018 finalist for “Best Jewelry Store in Wake County.” As a small business owner this recognition means so much to me and my brand, which I have been building since 2013. Please take a minute to  cast your vote for me to show your support, thank you so much!!!

#2. Special One-Day Electroforming Workshop at the Cary Arts Center

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.24.53 AM.png

I'm offering a special one-day electroforming workshop as a double fundraiser in order to benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Town of Cary Scholarship Program.  100% of your tuition goes to both organizations, and I'm donating my time, knowledge, equipment, and supplies for the workshop. It’s a win-win! Not only you will come home with some beautiful jewelry but  you are also supporting these two great causes, please call Cary Arts Center at 919-469-4069 or visit the center to register for the workshop. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Title: Elector-forming Workshop
Course Code: 114040
When: 10am - 5pm. Saturday, June 9
Tuition: $90 (supplies included)
Level: Easy, no experience is necessary
Location: Cart Arts Center (101 Dry Ave, Cary NC)

What is electroforming? You can explore the endless possibilities that copper electroforming has to offer in jewelry design.

Electroforming is the intricate process of fusing copper onto another medium via a low voltage charge that is passed through the materials to create a relief that becomes a separate part in its own right. This technique enables artists to create thicker copper structures layered over other materials like glass, shells, clay or wax. This form, unlike electroplating, creates a totally new layer and is actually a science, a method that reflects the best copper use in art.

Thomas Edison used electroforming in his work, as did Michael Faraday, a famous 19th Century physicist and chemist. It was exotic, it was costly, and in the early days, was used to reproduce art pieces.

During this workshop with me, gain insight into the creative process involved in electroforming various organic and non-organic objects to create beautiful and unique jewelry.

Help Me Make Wishes Come True | In the Studio | It’s Show Time

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I am participating in the Make-A-Wish® (MAW) Foundation Trailblaze Challenge this Spring. On Saturday, June 2nd, I will hike 26.5 miles of the Sauratown Trail in Winston-Salem, NC along with my teammate, and many others. The fundraising goal for each Trailblazer is $2,500. Will you help me reach my goal and help MAW grant more wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions?

#1. Let’s Make-A-Wish® Come True Raffle Winner

Thank you so, so, so much to those who participated in my Make-A-Wish® Trailblaze Challenge online raffle fundraiser from March 18 - April 4!  Your help means a lot to me personally and thank you for your support.

And the drum roll please... our lucky winner of the one-of-a-kind Reveal Lapis Earrings is: Amy L Barnard!!!

Besides creating new jewelry and filling orders in my studio, managing my fundraising campaign  and weekly training hikes have become part of my daily routine since early March. Just a quick recap: as of today (April 9th), I’ve hiked over 50 miles for my training hikes and our team has raised over $1,300!  Will you help me reach my $2,500 personal goal? Remember, your donation is 100% tax deductible! (OK, I promise I’ll talk about something else in the next paragraph of this blog post : P )

Click here to: Hsiang-Ting’s Make-A-Wish® Fundraising Page

Meet 8 year old Hudson! Hudson was diagnosed with a seizure disorder before he was one year old. Hudson's one true wish was to meet Paw Patrol and at the end of March he was able to do just that! 

Meet 8 year old Hudson! Hudson was diagnosed with a seizure disorder before he was one year old. Hudson's one true wish was to meet Paw Patrol and at the end of March he was able to do just that! 

My most recent 17 mile training hike with other Trailblazers, in the 45 degree rain.

My most recent 17 mile training hike with other Trailblazers, in the 45 degree rain.

#2. In the studio:

This week I just finished this pair of custom floral inspired dangle post earrings to match a custom ring that I made a year ago for my client. Made in sterling silver, 14k white gold posts, and set with Chalcedony and blue topaz.  I’m just so in love with this color combination: soft translucent green from Chalcedony and the light icy blue from blue topaz, it’s perfect to wear for any occasion in Spring and Summer! Enough said, my client said she “LOVES IT” when I sent her these pictures!

Alright, I need to get back to work on new designs for coming up American Craft Council show in St. Paul, if you are in the area or if you have friends and family live in the area, please do come visit me! This is my first time exhibiting at St. Paul, will be nice to see some familiar faces there : )


Till next time,


Hsiang-Ting Yen