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Atelier in Lacoste, France

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2019 has been a pretty wild ride full of surprises! Just as the blog title suggests, I’m going to France from June to August. I was selected as a jewelry artist-in-residence program awarded by my alma mater, SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) at their campus Lacoste in gorgeous southern France! The program is fully sponsored by the school; I will teach workshops and have access to a storefront / studio to create my new collection as alumni ambassador.

When I was still a graduate student in SCAD, every summer our jewelry department took a small group of students to SCAD Lacoste a for a 10-week summer program  and I always heard so many wonderful things about Lacoste and experiences from friends and faculty members when they returned. Unfortunately, I couldn’t participate in it because they didn’t have graduate programs at the Lacoste campus.

A few years ago, I learned about SCAD’s Alumni Atelier from the alumni program. Here is the Atelier program’ core mission: “It’s an artist ambassadorship conceived and endowed by SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace, enriches the creative and professional endeavors of distinguished SCAD graduates. Alumni advance their careers, strengthen their connection with their alma mater and join a select group of ambassadors within the university's global network of emerging and established artists and scholars.”

I didn’t have the courage to apply before because the thought of leaving my business on pause for three months terrified me, mostly a financial concern. But the idea was a tiny seed that had been slowly growing in my head ever since. Back in January, I received a welcoming application invitation message from the program coordinator. With 100% support from my husband Nate, the encouragement of my good friend and a 2018 Alumni Atelier grantee Kristen Baird  I decided to give a shot. After weeks of preparation and coordinating… months later I got accepted along with four other talented SCAD alumni!!!

It’s only less than a month away till my departure. I’m busier than ever in my studio creating enough inventory in Raleigh for my hubby to manage and ship. Here are a couple of  notes for my future and current clients (P.S. Don’t you worry! Even though I’ll be away from my Raleigh studio for the summer, you can still reach me via email, Skype, or Facetime if you have any questions!)

For my existing custom clients:

1.Delivery: The deadline to schedule for delivery is May 31 with full payment of the remaining balance.

2. In Progress: In order to complete the piece before my departure, a 50% down payment and final approval are required by May 8.  Delivery and the remaining balance can be scheduled after August 30.  If you need the delivery between June - August, I can arrange an appointment with my husband for in-person delivery or insured UPS 2nd-day air express shipping.

For my potential or new custom clients:

I’m still accepting new clients while I’m in France with limited services provided including consulting, design, and CAD model creating between June - August, and I will continue the rest of fabrication process (casting, stone setting, and finishing) after August 30.

On-line orders:

I’ll be available to answer your questions via email, and my hubby, Nate, will be in charge of online order shipping between June - August.

I’m beyond excited to embark on this journey. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the beautiful Provence of France and its rich culture and to be inspired and create a brand new collection. I will be posting regularly, so stay tuned!

Back to my studio, signing off